Written Testimonial

  • Brian Mann

    Brian Mann

    11 July 2015

    The level of demonstration provided by the property consultant allowed my wife and I to feel comfortable to make the decision to use their service on the day. I am very satisfied with the performance of our properties with one going up $85,000 in one year. They showed me multiple properties in multiple areas for me to consider which helped me feel comfortable that I had seen a good representation of the market.

    The support staff at Accrue have been great. The operations managers in particular have been phenomenal and was more than helpful with every question I had along the way. The third party service providers like 4ORWARD Accounting were also exceptional and have assisted me greatly in the ongoing support and management of my properties. I have seen a lot of value in the membership because it covered a lot of the costs that I would incur had I purchased a property on my own.

    The main benefit was their assistance in identifying which suburbs would help me grow a successful property portfolio. We will use Accrue’s service again to acquire more properties.

  • Ernie & Elsa Quintas

    Ernie & Elsa Quintas

    10 July 2015

    We were really excited to move forward with Accrue and engage them to find us a property. We have been very satisfied with the performance of our property. The process has been very smooth and we haven’t had any issues. We were shown multiple properties in multiple areas and did not feel pressured or rush to purchase any of them. We felt we saw a good spread of the Melbourne market and what was available to us. I have referred my sister to Accrue and speak highly of the service. The annual review process has been great, as we sit down with Accrue and talk about our property and make sure everything is working correctly. It is reassuring to have contact on a regular basis.

    Our most positive experience with Accrue has been the education side of it. They didn’t just say, “Here is a property – you should buy it.” but “Here are several properties and here is all the research we have done in the background on your behalf.”

  • Martin Bourke

    Martin Bourke

    10 July 2015

    The service offered by Accrue has been fantastic. I have just recently used Accrue to purchase my third property. I have been more than happy with the performance of my properties. They assisted me the whole way along and introduced me to independent financial planners, accountants, brokers, lawyers and property managers which allowed me to make an informed decision before I decided which property purchase was right for me.

    I am very happy with the amount of research and level of detail that the property consultant went through with me on each and every property that he introduced to me. It helped me feel more comfortable in making a decision. I liked that I didn’t feel obliged to purchase any of the properties I was introduced to and I felt comfortable listening to their expert advice. I have spoken to my family and friends about Accrue’s services and would recommend them to those who are in a position to do it.

    The annual portfolio review process has been great. Accrue have been very proactive in contacting me and make sure that I come in annually to review my property portfolio and provide support when needed. It is really reassuring for me to know that I can pick up the phone and call them if I need any assistance.

  • Adam and Louise Palmer

    Adam and Louise Palmer

    1 October 2015

    We were initially hesitant on coming into the office for our first appointment as we were worried it would be a sales presentation. However, the level of expertise of those we met with far exceeded our expectations and we felt comfortable with deciding to use their service. They explained everything with great clarity and were not pushing us to do something that we did not want to do.

    We have been very happy with our investment property in Fairfield that settled in 2014 and has gone up by $120,000. We were shown multiple properties and feltcomfortable that we had seen a good spread of what was available on the market. We have spoken to family and friends and have recommended them to Accrue.

    We were very glad that we decided to use Accrue to help us find an investment property because it isn’t something that we would have had time to do on our own. The staff and follow up with Accrue have been really good. The annual review process especially has been great as it allows us to sit down with our property consultant and track our property’s performance to date.

  • Mr Lee and Mrs Liz Wilson

    Mr Lee and Mrs Liz Wilson

    10 July 2015

    We have been very happy with Accrue’s services. There was an initial common element of fear but we would quickly and clearly see through the first presentation that Accrue had covered every angle and that risks would be acknowledged and addressed adequately.

    We realised we couldn’t retire unless we invested as we only had 70k in super. We felt comfortable trusting the Accrue consultant as their knowledge was comprehensive and we have never regretted our choice. We came in prepared to walk away and not get ‘sucked’ into anything but once we understood the process it was an easy choice to become a member on the day.

    We could see the value in having someone guide us through the process while giving us options of multiple properties in multiple areas and not put any pressure on us to accept any of them.

    We love the personalised service what Accrue offers, whereas other companies may just sell you a property and drop you. We loved going to see the finished property and much prefer having something tangible rather than other investments.

    We were very pleased with the finishing’s on the property – I could even imagine living there ourselves. It was highly rentable and impressive – we had a tenant in two weeks. We are so pleased with the service that we were able to endorse Accrue’s services to a good friend who has also acquired an excellent investment property through Accrue.

  • Chris and Leanne Knight

    Chris and Leanne Knight

    28 September 2015

    We felt comfortable to move forward and engage Accrue’s services on our first consultation because we appreciated their openness and frankness. They clearly demonstrated their market knowledge and were very transparent. We have purchased 2 investment properties through Accrue and have been very happy with their performance to date, with one of our properties going up by $75,000 in the first year. We have now engaged them to start looking at a 3 rd property on our behalf.

    We didn’t feel rushed to buy when we were introduced to properties. They showed us multiple properties in multiple areas so we felt like we saw a good spread of what was out there in our price range. We have been very happy with Accrue’s service, in particular the Annual Review where we got to come into the office and sit down and discuss the performance of our investment properties.

    Our most positive experience with Accrue is to be able to access expert property advice which gives us the peace of mind that we have done everything possible to make an investment as safe and affordable as possible.

  • Mr G & Mrs D Saunders

    Mr G & Mrs D Saunders

    16 February 2016

    Accrue Real Estate made everything make sense and ensured we received a clear message in regards to investing and our eligibility to do so. We felt we were able to choose the areas we liked and felt no pressure to buy. Becoming members with Accrue made it a lot easier and quicker to find the right investment and we see that we paid for their expertise and have been continually supported through the whole process to get the best outcome. We love the area of our investment property and the figures look good. We would like to acquire as many properties as we can afford.

  • Andrew Potter

    Andrew Potter

    3 July 2015

    We are very happy with the service Accrue Real Estate gave us – it made choosing an investment property easy. They are professional and gave a detailed analysis on property selection. We have recommended their service to friends and will purchase property through them in the future.

  • Lehanne Bleumink

    Lehanne Bleumink

    26 June 2015

    I have recommended friends to Accrue – they have given great support and advice, and made the process of buying an investment property simple. They are a company we trust. We are now in the process of using them to buy another investment property.

  • Stephen Salter

    Stephen Salter

    17 July 2015

    We would not have invested without the expertise of Accrue Real Estate. They made it possible for us to invest in property as we had been held back by our lack of knowledge and were scared of the potential pitfalls of doing so. Accrue showed great professionalism and made the process simple and easy to move forward. We felt no pressure to use their services and were very comfortable to sign up as members on the day. We are happy clients who have sourced two properties with Accrue and have also referred them to my brother in law.

  • Daniel Carroll

    Daniel Carroll

    26 June 2015

    I would, and have, recommended my friends to use Accrue’s services. Their analysis, ethos and strategies are sound and helped make finding an investment property stress free. The financial experts have a wealth of knowledge and have been great. Highly recommended.

  • Russell and Dianne Cruse

    Russell and Dianne Cruse

    30 June 2015

    Accrue Real Estate’s service was exceptional. They focused on our needs and researched the properties well which gave us more options. The process was painless – I am recommending their services to my friends and will use them again.

  • Mr Milio and Mrs VoulaBaltas

    Mr Milio and Mrs VoulaBaltas

    18 June 2015

    When we first decided to set up a membership with Accrue property we were interested in setting up a self-managed super fund. We have been satisfied with our investment property to date as it is always tenanted and has had good growth. We have referred friends to Accrue Property who have also gone ahead and acquired investment properties.

    We are satisfied with Accrue, who have followed us up regularly and very happy with their commitment and proactive service. We believe that we have found great value in our Accrue Real Estate membership and the ongoing maintenance of our property portfolio. Throughout our time with Accrue we have found then very supportive in our ongoing portfolio.

  • Mr Steven and Mrs Hannah Denny

    Mr Steven and Mrs Hannah Denny

    20 July 2015

    When we first met with Accrue we decided to sign up as members for the convenience of having the investment process managed for us and because we wanted to make a long term plan for our financial future.

    We’re happy with the increase in value of our investment property has seen since settling one year ago and we’d like to acquire more properties through Accrue as we have found the experience to be both enjoyable and educational.

  • Mr Tony MacDonald

    Mr Tony MacDonald

    21 July 2015

    At my first office consultation, the main reason I decided to sign up with Accrue and join as a member was because it all just made sense at that point in time. I had been thinking about it [property investment] for a while but had done nothing.Accrue took away concerns and anxiety with doing it myself and to date, I am satisfied with the performance of my investment property. 

    I was shown multiple properties by Accrue and felt no pressure to acquire any of them – I was able to choose any that were shown to me. 

    Accrue has regularly followed me up and has shown commitment to providing me with an ongoing service, such as with my annual review appointment. 

    Given the time and energy that gets put into acquiring a property and the ongoing maintenance of a property portfolio, I can see the value in an Accrue Membership. I would like to acquire more properties through Accrue in the future.

    I have since spoken with my family and friends about Accrue. The whole process with acquiring my investment property was positive – Warren from Port Finance was also great.