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Ten Things

Those of us who have spent many years working in real estate have learned a few tips and tricks not only about buying and selling property, but about living in a property, whether as an owner or a tenant.


One of the things we were discussing recently were the top ten thing things every home owner (or renter) should have and keep in handy place. While we didn’t quite get consensus about the order, we did manage to arrive at a list of ten (although we were accused of cheating slightly by including items within the toolbox!). There were others we left off, but we think this is a pretty good start.

1  A toolbox.

If you are like some of my colleagues who don’t use tools often, you can’t go past one of the simple kits they sell inexpensively at Kmart or Bunnings, which hold all the basic essentials. If buying items separately make sure your toolkit contains Philips and flathead screwdrivers, an adjustable wrench, hammer, tape measure, a set of Allen keys, a spirit level and a stud finder.


2  A first aid kit

A basic first aid kit can be obtained inexpensively from Woolworths or Coles. These will hold the basic requirements for treating everyday injuries. If buying items separately ensure you have gauze, bandages, saline, tape & band aids.


3  Extra lightbulbs

A basic one, but it is surprising how many people do not have spares for when a bulb blows.


4  Extra batteries

Handy for all types of household items, such as remote controls but essential to have for when the smoke alarm ‘chirrups’.


5  Torch

Ideally, kept in an easy-to-reach location (seeing you will be finding it in the dark). Note: We discussed, but decided it was overkill, to have one in every room of the house.


6  Baking soda (& paper towel or extra cleaning cloths)

This one’s from our mums. There is simply no better cleaning product. Combine it with water, vinegar or even lemon juice and you can clean your entire house.


7  Bleach

Again, thanks for the tip, mum. Perfect for keeping mould at bay, especially from wet areas.


8  A fire extinguisher/blanket

Bunnings have a range of these products so they are easily and inexpensively obtained. A no-brainer really.


9  A step ladder

This one is a little dependent on the height of ceilings and overhead cupboards – a small A-frame ladder might be required – either way, essential for reaching high places (as in changing bulbs or batteries).


10  A spare key

This can be left with a friend or neighbour, or hidden away (as long as your hiding place isn’t under the front door mat or anywhere else so obvious burglars will find it).


10B. A list of emergency numbers

Ok – so technically this is number 11 on a top ten list, but there’s no cost for this one, so we figured you could perhaps write it on the inside of the toolbox or first aid kit or leave a copy with your spare key. Either way, it’s great to have handy.


We could have added a few more things to the toolkit like spackle and duct tape, and we thought about including a plunger, but the list above is our top ten essentials.


These little tips can help, but if you are interested in property investment Accrue Real Estate can help – they know the Melbourne market.