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Property market
Hindsight in the property market works just as well as knowing last week’s Tattslotto numbers. It is easy to be wise after the event. From the vantage point of 2018, we can now see the peak in the Melbourne property market was around last September. Now, after seeing an incredible period of growth, the market is slowing. This is not something to be greatly concerned about judging by the r ... Read More

Glossary – Real Estate
It’s easy to get lost in the lingo of property investment. Caveat Emptor, equity, fittings & fixtures are just a few of the terms that can bamboozle the uninitiated. The list below contains some of the key terms you need to know. A very thorough list of real estate terms is here http://reia.asn.au/wp-content/uploads/2017/10/Glossary-of-terms-Fact-Sheets.pdf, at the Real Estate Institute of Austr ... Read More

Spring Buying
Spring is often associated with cleaning – the idea being that as the sun starts to shine through the windows and warm the house (and the bones) it’s time to make everything sparkle. This Spring might be the time to ‘clean up’ in the real estate market. It’s no secret that the Melbourne property market has been ‘cold’, or at least cooling, as it has followed the national trend ... Read More

Suburb Choice
A colleague of mine recently related the story of his adult daughter who had just outlaid almost $5,000 for a handbag. Not just any handbag, mind you, this was an authentic Chanel (and it was definitely not bought at an Asian market). As we discussed this, it became fairly apparent that the attraction of the handbag was the brand name. The bag did nothing more than the Kate Spade bag the girl h ... Read More

Auction tips – Part 1: Before the Auction
The property market in Australia is driven by auctions, especially over the last few years when property prices have been rising.

Buying at auction can be far more emotionally fraught than simply buying through an agent but avoiding properties that are going to auction means missing out on lots of potential opportunities.

The key to buying at auction is doing the research prior to the ... Read More

Auction Tips – Part 2
A recent post looked at the steps you could take before attending the auction of a property in which you were interested. Pre-planning is essential, especially with regard to your finances. On the day of the auction, it is also important to go in with a plan.

On the day of the auction arrive early. Look through the property again, talk to the agent, but also take note of the other people who ... Read More

Benefits to Owning Rental Property
The Melbourne property market continues to offer investors a range of opportunities to enter the rental market. Most experts agree that property is one of the best strategies for long term investment. The benefits to property investment are many; this post outlines some of these. The current generation of millennials are finding entering the property market more difficult than their parents did ... Read More

Keeping emotions out of buying property
There is a famous analogy of the elephant and the rider. The rider represents logic, the elephant the emotions. Most of the time the rider is in control and steers the elephant successfully through all obstacles. However, should the elephant – the emotions – take control, the rider has little hope in stopping the rampaging beast. For most of us, this is recognizable. We operate mainly on our l ... Read More

In a recent post, we looked at the way in which emotion can impact decision making when it comes to property investment. Another key to successful investment is overcoming the biases that we can have built into us.

Listening to close friends or following what they do can be a trap, unless they are in exactly the same situation or with exactly the same goals. This is especially important whe ... Read More

One of the first things any property owner usually organizes is house insurance. The reasons for this are fairly obvious – any asset of large value is worth protecting and insurance is a requirement for acquiring a mortgage. If you own an investment property there are other insurances you need to consider. Likewise, there are insurance products designed to protect you if you are renting a pro ... Read More

Overcoming Bias
Our recent posts have looked at the way in which our emotions and biases can impact our decision making in property investment. As humans we are emotional and we do have inbuilt biases but that doesn't mean you always have to give in to them; especially once you are aware that they may impact. Below are some ways that may assist you in overcoming any biases you might have. The first step, as me ... Read More

Every successful business has a budget that helps determine spending and can be used to measure success. A good budget is reviewed annually, but can also be adjusted as needs be during the year. If you are not using a budget to measure and track performance, its difficult to tell just how you are going. If you are a property investor, you will know that across the year there may be some unfores ... Read More

Ten Things
Those of us who have spent many years working in real estate have learned a few tips and tricks not only about buying and selling property, but about living in a property, whether as an owner or a tenant.   One of the things we were discussing recently were the top ten thing things every home owner (or renter) should have and keep in handy place. While we didn’t quite get consensus ab ... Read More

5 DIY projects to brighten up your property
Whether you are preparing for a sale or just want to add a little pizazz to a property you have lived in for a long time, these projects might be for you. Even if you are not keen on the idea of ‘do it yourself’, these really are fast and affordable fixes you can do yourself. Here’s some simple ways to enhance you property without blowing the budget.   Let there be light ... Read More

Now the Melbourne Cup is over, it’s really not too far from Christmas and New Year. It’s never too early to think about resolutions for a New Year, and if real estate investment might be on your list for 2019, then these questions might help you sort your thoughts.   Why do I want to invest? Any investment you choose needs a clear motivation, none more so than pr ... Read More

Saving for a home deposit
Saving for a home deposit   Maybe you’re sick of renting and paying someone else’s mortgage. Or, perhaps you have your home but you want to add an investment property to your portfolio. Sometimes the biggest hurdle people have to overcome is finding the deposit – the 10-20% to get you started. Here are some simple ways you can get started in saving the money ... Read More

Avoiding Real Estate Investment Mistakes
Investing in real estate can be lucrative, but don’t go into it if you are looking for a get-rich-quick scheme. Investing in real estate can help you build wealth for retirement or provide you with a way to assist your children in their quest for the Australian Dream of owning a home. Real Estate investment can also lead to problems and whether you are an experienced investor or just starting ... Read More

Investing in Property for Retirement

Do you have concerns about having enough money for your retirement? Many people have found that investing in property can offer an alternative to investment in stocks and bonds or other forms of retirement investment.

One of the key benefits of a property is that it can provide an income through rental return. A property ... Read More

What you need to succeed in real estate investment

If I asked you to close your eyes and picture a real estate investor, I wonder if you see a bespoke suited hipster, or a middle aged baby boomer or something else entirely?

My experience in real estate has taught me that an investor can look like anyone – the Accrue Real Estate office gets visits from young couples, o ... Read More

The Number 1 Generalisation

We are often asked to give the most important thing about real estate investment, and generally, we won’t answer. There’s lots of factors that bring success in property investment. While we don’t want to lock in one single rule, there is a generalisation we do tend to follow over all others – and that’s the old saying ‘location, location, location’. If you we ... Read More

2019 Melbourne Property market

The downturn in the housing market became obvious in 2018, and most experts predict this trend will continue in 2019.

Figures from property data firm CoreLogic show that home values in Melbourne fell by around 7 per cent in the last twelve months, with the median home value sitting at $645,123. This level was last seen ... Read More

Two ways to make Real Estate Investments

2019 might be a great time for you to finally realise your dream of property investment. The market is dropping, making it an even more attractive time for buyers – especially those with an eye to the long term. Here’s two ways you can become a property investor.

  1. Investing in real estate with ren ... Read More

The Bilbao effect

One of the more interesting parts of my job is to keep up with real estate trends, not just locally or nationally, but globally. Sometimes these trends reach ‘down under’ sometimes they are not appropriate for our climate or culture but it is always worthwhile to see what is happening in the world of real estate.

Rec ... Read More

Why I Love My Job

One of the best pieces of advice I was ever given before finishing my education was, ‘find something you love to do and work hard at it.’ It has been to my great fortune that I was able to follow that advice and while ‘work is work’, I am happy to say that I love what I do. But, not everybody feels the same way about real estate agents as I do, so here are the top ... Read More

Finding the right agent

Finding the right agent can often be the key to success in real estate, and Accrue Real Estate recognise this in the way they go about their work.

At Accrue, they work hard to build relationships with the people that come through the doors of their South Melbourne office. They know that buying a property is a big commitm ... Read More

Advice for real estate investors starting out

When new staff started at our office, lunchtime conversation turned to the best advice we could give to someone starting in real estate. At Accrue Real Estate, we not only aim to assist clients with property investment but give them the benefit of our experience and knowledge so that they learn the process themselves. Through our discussion, we discovered there were common ... Read More

Investing in Real Estate

Have you thought about investing in real estate? While the property market in 2019 is not what it has been over the past few years, many people still see that investment in ‘bricks and mortar’ is still the way to go. Here’s just a few reasons why investing in real estate might be a choice you could make in 2019.