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Investing in Real Estate

Have you thought about investing in real estate? While the property market in 2019 is not what it has been over the past few years, many people still see that investment in ‘bricks and mortar’ is still the way to go. Here’s just a few reasons why investing in real estate might be a choice you could make in 2019.

  1. The expression ‘safe as houses’ pretty much sums it up. Watch the share market for twelve months and you will see great fluctuation, making investment in many shares akin to betting on a horse race. At the moment, the property market appears to be in a downturn but this is consistent with a cycle that has been going on for many years. If the time is right for you to invest, then this part of the cycle can provide buyers with more time and opportunity than the peak of the market cycle. Property can be a great investment, especially if it is part of your long term investment planning.
  2. Investment in property can provide you with an asset to assist your children in the future. This could be through reduced rent or use of the equity built up in the property. A property purchased this year could be what provides the boost your children need to gain a foothold in the property market of the future.
  3. Property is the great Australian dream. Buying property gives you a tangible asset that you can look at and touch. Spending money on a property over time adds further value. An investment property purchased today can be the perfect retirement package or even the home to which you retire.

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