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Accrue Real Estate has the expertise and current industry and market knowledge to assist clients in successful property investment. We have helped many Melburnians buy investment properties and along the way developed their skills and confidence in their knowledge of real estate market. Put simply, Accrue Real Estate provide an exemplary Property Short Listing Service.

Melbourne has much to offer and increasingly, it has also been regarded by many people as a great place to invest. Investors are attracted to a number facets of Melbourne. These include the growing and diverse population (projected to overtake Sydney by 2036), the number of workers based in the inner city (an increase of 24 percent in the last decade) and that the Economist Intelligence Unit rates it as the “world’s most liveable city”1. Accrue Real Estate’s expertise in the Melbourne property market places our clients in a position of strength.

An investment plan for purchasing in Melbourne should be based on three key elements: flexibility, manoeuvrability and speed. Being stuck on one area, even if it is one that is very well known or regarded can be limiting and lead to missed opportunities or poor decisions. It is important to remember a good investment property is one that provides maximum results, it is not necessarily the one a client would choose to live in.

Gaining an understanding of property investment can be challenging because ‘everyone’s an expert’ and the amount of misinformation can overwhelm the information you need for success. At Accrue Real Estate we know what our clients NEED TO KNOW.

There’s no such thing as a ‘bad’ or ‘good’ property – a successful property purchase strategy should be determined by the goal the client has set. At Accrue Real Estate our expertise in property short listing services helps our clients meet their property goals.

One of the key mistakes made in property research is lack of research.

The property looks good but what is the block like?

With the growth in quality townhouse development, Melbournians are swapping backyards for balconies. But what is the total number in the block? How many are owner occupied? How many are rented? What is the annual rental yield? Accrue Real Estate have the expertise to gather and analyse all the data needed to make informed decisions.

The property looks good but what is the area like?
Is it an area attracting high, medium or low growth? How has the property market performed in the area over the last year? Five years? Accrue Real Estate have expertise in the Melbourne property market. They know the suburbs that have been over developed and the suburbs that are up-and-coming in terms of capital growth.

Accrue Real Estate provide expert property advice to save clients having to do their own property investigations. What we do, and do well, is provide a property short listing service to source and introduce properties to our clients. The industry relationships Accrue Real Estate have formed provide our clients with access to new property developments that often they may otherwise not see. Often our clients gain first access to these properties, meaning they may also get the best locations within the block.

At Accrue we know Real Estate but we also know people. The Accrue Real Estate experience is tailored to help clients meet their specific needs and goals. Our property introductory service is effective and established to allow us to work side by side with our clients to minimise both common property mistakes and risk.

Accrue Real estate not only provide expert property advice. We have strong relationships with the financial planning industry allowing our clients to receive up-to-date advice from qualified and reliable sources. Throughout the Accrue Real Estate experience, our clients stay informed, ensuring they are confident in any decisions they make.

1Shirley, A.(Ed.).(n.d.). The Wealth Report(11th ed., p.28, Rep.). KnightFrank. doi:http://content.knightfrank.com/research/83/documents/en/the-wealth-report-2017-4482.pdf