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6 tips to get started in the property market

If you’ve got property on the mind but don’t know where to start, you aren’t alone. Although home ownership numbers have fluctuated in recent times, buyer confidence is on the rise with many vendors reporting notable increases in sales numbers for July 2019.

Getting started in an increasingly competitive property market can feel daunting and a little overwhelming, especially for first time buyers. Instead of battling through the experience alone, we’ve outlined six ways you can ease your property buying journey and come out on top.

1. Have clear goals

Before you start down the property path, take the time to set some clear goals specific to you and your home ownership aspirations. Ask yourself the following:

  • What kind of property do you want to buy?
  • What suburb profile/area suits your needs and wants?
  • Do you see yourself living in your first property?
  • Do you have plans to move again in the next five years?

Good goal setting also helps you to better communicate your property ambitions to those who can help make it happen. Once the experts in the market know your goals, they can help you to achieve them.

2. Engage the right people

The most successful property investors don’t rely on chance or rumours – they rely on support from the best people in the industry.

Unfortunately, there’s so much information to wade through and conflicting advice to absorb that many first time buyers are quickly discouraged by the buying process. Instead of going it alone, engaging the right people can give you the winning edge over other buyers in an often tricky market.

At Accrue, we believe that every one of our clients should feel empowered and informed throughout the entire buying process. Our property experts take the time to build your general property knowledge and confidence, helping you to cut through the jargon and make smart, future-minded decisions.

3. Get your finances in order

Buying property is a big financial decision that takes a lot of planning and strict budgeting.

But having your finances in order isn’t just about saving for a deposit – it includes everything that goes into buying and maintaining a property, such as:

  • Your employment history and type
  • All incomings and outgoings, and,
  • Any other debts, investments or liabilities.

Good financial management doesn’t come easy to everyone, particularly when it comes to property. Having a plan in order today means you’ll be able to make strategic decisions for a healthy future, one that’s strengthened by property ownership.

4. Have a property plan

Ready to get down to the details? Then it’s time to strategise your property plan.

There are a number of property investment strategies employed by all kinds of investors, from renovating to resell, to renting for yield and negative gearing. While many buyers choose to go it alone, they often encounter bumps along the way, with some delaying or even derailing their property dreams.

At Accrue, we know that everyone’s property plans are different. A property plan helps to clarify your own investment options and lay the right path to achieve the best results.

5. Search strategically

This is the fun part of the buying process – you’re ready to start looking at properties!

While it’s exciting to let your imagination run wild with possibility, diving headfirst into property searching can a recipe for disaster. Without a strategy, you may fall head over heels for a property that’s outside of your budget or doesn’t help you achieve your goals. Similarly, you may find something that’s close to what you want, but still doesn’t tick all the boxes. This is where property experts can step in and shortlist with strategy front of mind.

We work hard to align your buying options with our best practice property parameters – location, affordability and your own goals.

6. Be ready to strike

Many first-time buyers struggle to make a strong offer on something they love. As a consequence, the ideal property passes them by. Other buyers are too ruled by their heart and run the risk of not confirming a property’s suitability before they commit.

Knowing when to strike is pivotal in the property market – it can also be stressful if you aren’t properly prepared. Our property experts have seen it all in every kind of market. We’re here to help you find a comfortable medium between delaying and being overly eager – good property decisions are made from the head, as well as the heart.

Surround yourself with the experts

The property market is full of opportunities, but you need to know where and how to look for them.

Instead of wading through the complexities of a time-consuming property market, our experts can guide you along the right path that suits your goals and budget. Contact the Accrue Real Estate team and join the hundreds of buyers we’ve helped realise their property ownership dreams.

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