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At our first office consultation, the reason we decided to sign a membership with Accrue was because we felt the need to do something to look after our retirement. We felt no pressure by Accrue and were advised that we were not obliged to acquire any property shown

The Victorian Parliament has recently amended Section 32 of the Sale of Land Act 1962 (Vic). As of the 1st October 2014 and separate to a vendor’s obligation to provide a vendors statement changes to the Sale of Land Act now require estate agents to have the following document made available property purchasers. Download the latest Comsumer Affairs Due Diligence Checklist.

We remind you that it is has always been the Policy of Accrue Real Estate to advise our clients to consult a Solicitor on the terms and conditions of any Contract of Sale of Real Estate before a written offer on any property is submitted to a Vendor for consideration.

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