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Property investment - The rarer the property, the greater the demand and the price

"First property buyers should look to entering the market as a town house owner in a well located property that they can potentially sell to families, couples, retirees and first home buyers. The aim is to build a portfolio of unique properties. Later, they can move on to a house. No two houses are ever identical. That is what creates demand. The rarity factor is the key. Unique aspects in terms of design and or location are what drives up the price."... Read more

Auction Summary (Victoria)

A clearance rate of 80 per cent was recorded this week compared to 78 per cent last week and 74 per cent this week last year. There were 510 auctions reported to the REIV, with 410 selling and 100 being passed in, 35 of those on a vendor bid. The REIV collected 96% of auction results last week with a total of 547 results including 17 withdrawn and 20 postponed.... Read more

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Banks may move on interest rates independently of the RBA

"Many people fear that interest rates will go back to 7%. However, not all areas of the Australian economy are firing and while the economy is stable so it is not in the interest of the Reserve Bank of Australia to risk a recession by making it harder for businesses and people to borrow."

"Whether it is for owner occupier property or for an investment, interest rates are still attractive so people should use them for carefully selected properties in well researched locations."... Read more

RateCity Report on Investor and Occupier Mortgages

RateCity has released a comprehensive report highlighting the issues facing home buyers and property investors when they apply for a mortgage. Here are the key points.

1. Interest rates cut across all categories, largely led by a 0.25 per cent cash rate cut in August.

2. Home loans: Now more than a year since the emergence of investor pricing and the ‘ideal borrower’ and the rate gap has continued to widen. Home loan rates have continued to trend downward after two RBA cuts in 2016, and a total of four cuts since February 2015, following a period of 18-months with rates on hold. Shorter-term fixed rates are sitting significantly lower than variable rates on average, suggesting there may be some room for rates to go lower in the easing cycle. Longer-term fixed rates are above variable, which suggests the low rates won’t last for ever.... Read more

Expert Advice

Taking the long term view of Melbourne property investment

The REIV is advising buyers to look beyond the Melbourne CBD and inner suburbs for their first property purchase.  

REIV CEO Geoff White said buyers are increasingly looking for value in regional Victoria.    

New growth areas provide buyers with the opportunity to enter the property market at a more affordable rate, yet still on a main VLine service into Melbourne.”    

Many of these areas, especially towns within commuting distance of the city, are also recording solid annual price increases and are poised for future growth.”  

Investment and infrastructure initiatives by both the state and federal government are likely to deliver further capital growth in these areas.”  ... Read more

How To Avoid Buying A 'Dud'

It's the last thing anyone wants - you purchase your investment property, and nobody wants it, leaving you out of pocket and forced to reduce your expectations. You bought a dud. While t... Read more

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